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6 Tips to Improve Your Division 2 Conflict Game Play!

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

I have been playing conflict in Division 2 for a couple of years now. I am by no means an expert but I would call myself seasoned or experienced. With the update on the horizon ( or at least I hope it comes out soon), I expect a lot of former players who grew bored of replaying missions again and again to return along with new players intrigued by the onslaught of advertisement that will undoubtedly accompany said update. Whether you are a former player returning to your glory days or a new comer looking to make your mark in the Division community, below are 6 tips to improve your conflict game play experience.

Let’s say you are a new division player. As a new division player, you head over to YouTube and search for build videos that claim to make you invincible in conflict. You settle on one that has a ton of views because it must be a good since it has been watched so many times. You watch the gamer as they demolish entire teams and now you are sold. You head into the game, spend hours, days and maybe even weeks farming for the exact same gear pieces with the same attributes and slap it all on. After copying the build to a T, you hop into a conflict game prepared to dominate the opposing team and impress your fellow teammates. Instead, however, you die...repeatedly. You run a few more games thinking “I just need to warm up” or “get used to the build” but the outcome is the same. Now you are experiencing feelings of defeat, frustration and confusion. You wasted your time farming and your experience was not anything like the Gamer that so effortlessly demonstrated the build in the video. So, where did you go wrong? Builds in Division are not "one size fits all".

Tip #1: Play with a build that fits your play style.

Every player is unique and builds in division have to be tailored to fit your individual play style. For example, if you struggle with aiming, you might benefit from using sharpshooter class as it has increased stability making it easier for you hit your target and to land your shots. You cannot compensate damage for accuracy. Having all the damage in the world is of no benefit if you miss most of your shots. Guns that have good stability include the Police M4, CTAR, and The FAL. The FAMAS is good too, but it takes some practice to manage the recoil and the weird sway that it has. I recommend starting out with a lot of armor to give yourself some survivability while you’re figuring things out.

Tip #2: Be a team player.

It is always nice to see how your performance stacks up against your teammates but running solo thinking you are going to wipe the entire team often backfires. You just become an easy kill. Being double or tripled team sucks. Being murdered by the entire team sucks even worse. No, the entire team does not need to travel together in mob fashion around the map but at a minimum it is a good idea to move in pairs. You can watch each other’s flanks and provide cover fire if your teammate needs to step out of the battle to apply a med kit. This is not to say that these pairs should be on opposite sides of the map. There is obvious benefit to the players being within the vicinity of one another in case the entire opposing team decides to make a group strike.

Tip # 3: Do not focus fire on a single target.

Everyone does not and should not focus fire on a single target. Group battles are a frequent occurrence in conflict. Nothing gets under my skin more than when everyone decides to shoot at the exact same target. This creates a “fish in a barrel” scenario where the team is getting picked off because no one is shooting at all the other available targets that are most certainly shooting at them. If you see two of your teammates shooting at one target, look for other nearby targets. This leads me to my 4th tip.

Tip # 4: Employ situational awareness.

Aside from not focus firing on a single target, using pulse is a great way to locate targets on the map. Running blindly on the map for an entire match is an inefficient way to play. As I said earlier, being mobbed by the enemy is no fun at all. Do yourself and your teammates a favor and use pulse!

Tip # 5: Do not be a sacrificial lamb!

I’m an aggressive player. I like one on one battles whether I win or lose. Not all players are like that. Some players are campers that like to hang back and let their opponents initiate the battle. Once you become aware that your fellow teammates like are campers that will not follow you or back you up in battle, you should hang back as well. While it is not my favorite way to play at all (I literally yell at the tv during the entire game), running into battle alone and dying unnecessarily will result in me cutting the game off. Recognizing how your teammates play and modifying your own approach accordingly will help reduce your frustration and keep motivated to keep playing.

Tip # 6: Practice by playing solo.

The majority of conflict players I come across are in clans. I myself am a clan member and I enjoy playing conflict with my fellow clan members. However, I make it a point to run conflict solo. When you play with your buddies, you recognize their strengths and weaknesses. It is common for a group of players to complement each other's play styles. The problem with this is that you become complacent and conflict game play becomes very comfortable for you. Complacency stifles challenge which in turn suppresses growth. As is true in all aspects of life, if you are not growing, you are not improving. Since Division cannot be bothered to match players by skill, I often find myself on teams with players who have not yet figured out their play style. This means I have to work a little hard to compensate for that.

There you have it, my top 6 tips on how to improve your division 2 conflict game play experience. Let me know what some of your tips are down in the comments. Head on over to my YouTube channel and check out the video!

Until next time! Aja out!

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