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Selective Patience

For anyone that knows me, they are aware of how short tempered I am and I have an even shorter amount of patience. When I launched my first stream, I did it directly from my Xbox and for the most part it was really simple. With that level of simplicity, you have to expect a level of quality to match. The streamed had "ok" video quality. The resolution was poor and the graphics were fuzzy unlike the hdr, high quality and crisp graphics that I'm used to seeing from my tv.

When I decided I wanted to see if I could actually grown my twitch and build a decent sized community with which I could share my passion for gaming, I was going to have to upgrade my tech and with that came migraines equivalent in size. Technology and its finicky nature is definitely a sore spot for me. If you ask my boyfriend, he'll tell you that I've been known to throw iPads, MacBooks, iPhones, cameras and a ton of other electronics in the trash when they don't perform as intended. It's beyond my comprehension why something could work flawlessly one time and then when you try to do the same thing at a later date, it can suddenly not work.

Against my better judgment I dropped a a good chunk of change amount on a highly rated capture card and I bought a pc as my old MacBook didn't even have the necessary ports. Setting up the capture card, downloading the apps (at least 6) and figuring out how to get everything connected and functioning in sync was a whole Olympic sport.

Even when you think you've got it down, you don't. Every time you power all the hardware and software up, they might decide not to be compatible despite having worked just fine the previous day. Each stream presents with new issues that send you down a YouTube rabbit hole of downloading and connecting one more app just to troubleshoot your problem.

Some days I wonder if I'll ever successfully set it up so it doesn't frustrate the crap out of myself. It's funny how we all exhibit selective patience. I can spend hours and days grinding away on a game. The second tech doesn't work as intended, I'm ready to trash it. Guess that's just my personality.

Do you have something that you're selectively patient about? If so, share down in the comments. Let's grow together!

See you on the next one! Hit the link on below so you can find me on other social media.

Aja out!

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