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Sis, No Mic?

My long time gamer friends know I generally do not play with a mic. I of course have a headset which I use to hear everything I need to in game and in chats. I can sense the collective eye roll and hear dramatic gasps. Hear me out! There are a few reasons why.

Reason # 1: I am a girl.

I get challenged all the time about whether or not I am actually a girl or some dude sitting in a basement some where pretending to be girl. In the days long past of Halo Reach, I had several gamer friends with whom I spoke with daily. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversations we had. As a female gamer, I have had some pretty disturbing words hurled at me threatening violence and insults because a female gamer cannot possible be better than male gamer. I have found it much easier to remain under the radar by simply not drawing attention to myself by using my voice.

Reason # 2: I am not interested in online romance.

I am a gaming enthusiast which means I play video games daily. When I find other players whose play style matches up with mine, we usually become gaming buddies. When you speak to someone every day, you begin to exchange personal information about your lives like where you work and your family make up. This exchange of deeply personal information usually results in formation of bonds and you become a form of support for one another rooting for each other during life's highs and encouraging each other during life's low moments. I can easily understand how someone would "fall in love" with idea of this other person being "the one". The conversations can abruptly go from platonic to romantic which I do not entertain. I have met some amazing people and have gained lifelong gamer friends through the Xbox community. I am not out here looking for love! I just want to play the game!

Reason # 3: It is a more positive gaming experience for me personally .

It is a bit more difficult to "fall" for someone whose voice you have never heard or do not hear on a regular basis. If you head over to my YouTube channel you'll hear my voice and you will also see comments referring to my "sexy" voice. Experience has taught me that using a mic can potentially detract from symbiotic gaming that goes on between myself and other gamers. I am in no way, shape or form implying that men hear my voice on the mic and that they are doing leaps and bounds to profess their undying love for me. I am simply sharing reasoning about my choice to not use a mic based purely on my personal and anecdotal experiences.

While I do not need to explain my choice, I thought it might at least help others understand my why. None of these reasons are particularly ground breaking and they are not meant to be. They are simply my truths.

Until next time! Aja Out!

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