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Twitch Affiliate Status Achieved!

Yesterday I hit a milestone for my twitch stream. I achieved affiliate status after just a few short weeks of streaming. The bar is set pretty low when it comes to the requirements to achieve affiliat status. Arguably, twitch criteria are far more acheivable than some of the other platforms offering a similar experience. You need to:

  • Achieve an averages of 3 viewers during streams

  • Stream across 7 different days

  • Stream for a minimum of 8 hours

  • Obtain 50 followers

All of the aforementioned requirements must be reached within a 30 day period. Most requirements were easy enough to get but the most challenging one was followers. I got support from my longtime gamer friends as well as some of my newer clan mates. It was with their help plus folks that stumbled upon my streams and were satisfied enough with what they saw to give me a follow. If you are one of my twitch followers, thank you! I appreciate your support. If you aren't, why haven't you followed me yet?!

I have been looking forward to affiliate status since joining twitch. While the idea of being able to earn enough to fund my gaming hobby is appealing, it's also quite intimidating. It inherently feels like there is more responsibility to post more regularly to this website, to stick to some sort of steaming schedule, to update Instagram and TikTok. Part of me wonders if I've bitten off more than I can chew considering I still have my regular full time day job.

It would be easy and perhaps even expected of me to freak out so much about the additional work that I become paralyzed, unable to cope with the heavy workload. I could throw my hands up in defeat and dispare. While it's easy to say it's just too complicated to manage the additional work and set myself up for reduced risk of burnout by spreading all the work packages out across the week.

Building some sort of secondary income has always been a top priority for me but I didn't want to do it by simply getting a second job. I wanted it to be a hobby that I enjoy and could monetize. I'm not totally convinced that I would be able to make enough money to replace my primary income. I'm hopeful that streaming can become a lucrative side hustle. I'm going to have to go all in for a year to see how far I get.

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Aja Out!

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