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Where have I been?

It’s been over a month since I posted a video and consequently since I‘ve written a blog post. I started off the year strong by pouring myself into my hobby which is gaming and its creative offshoots, YouTube videos and blogging.

Let’s just say that life got real after my last post. Work has been really demanding lately which has left me pretty drained by the time the day is over. I’ve got very little energy or desire at that point to game, record and edit videos or draft a blog post. Crashing on the couch after a long day is what I’ve been looking forward to.

It seems so incredibly out of touch and insensitive to indulge in hobbies right now given that there are people just struggling to survive. My heart goes out to the people of Ukraine. I hope and pray that this war ends soon so that the people of Ukraine can go home and rebuild their lives.

I took a little break from Division. Playing against the same few people in conflict is getting a little stale. I’ve been playing Cyber Punk and Elden Ring which I’ve been enjoying. I‘m hopeful that Division will launch their update soon but I recognize that they’ve been stringing us along for quite some time with the promise of said update which has yet to manifest.

I still play conflict since I want to keep my skills sharp. I suspect that when the update finally drops, old players will return and so will a flood of new folks. I’ve not quite abandoned the game. I’m just not playing as often. You can bet that when I do play, I’m going to capture some great clips!

So what do you think about the state of Division 2? Looking forward to the update or could you not care less at this point? What would you like to see in the update? New game play mode? New Maps? Better gear? Let me know in the comments!

Head over to my YouTube channel and enjoy my latest video!

Until next time, Aja Out!

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